• Leffen Unable to Attend Genesis 3
  • As some of you may know, Genesis 3, one of the biggest Smash tournaments is taking place this Friday. Although Leffen has been preparing for the event for a long time, it is with great disappointment that we announce today he will be unable to attend Genesis 3. His visa situation has been unique, and resulted in massive complications with the processing of his application. We have been pushing hard for its approval, but were unfortunately unable to have it completed by Genesis.


    “Hey guys, it is indeed as you some of you suspected – I unfortunately won’t be attending Genesis 3. It’s really rough to be missing out on such a huge tournament again, especially since the Genesis Series has always been very special to me. The first Genesis  was one of the first tournaments I ever watched, and Genesis 2 was my first time traveling to America as well as my first major, and they’re both a big part of why I still play Smash to this day.

    I was really excited to come back and show everybody that I’m the best, even more so after my disappointing Dreamhack performance, but sadly enough Genesis 3 won’t be that tournament,
    However, my feelings haven’t changed, and I’m more motivated than ever going into 2016, and I promise that you guys won’t have to wait much longer to see me back on top! 😉

    Lastly, I’d like to give a big shoutout to Team Solomid as well as Red Bull for working hard at resolving the issues, and of course, all the fans who’s supported me through this rough time, I really wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys!”

    -William ‘Leffen’ Hjelte


    As per the status of his visa, it is currently in the final stages of processing. Although we could not finish it for this Friday, we hope to have a positive resolution very soon thanks to the assistance of Red Bull from whom we have had much help with streamlining the process. Additionally, Leffen has been extremely focused on training to have the best year possible. There are extensive plans in place to document his experiences and interactions with his fans that cheer for him through thick and thin. There is a great deal in store for the upcoming year, and we are all truly looking forward to it.

  • 08-26-16

    Today we are proud to announce that Skyler ‘Relyks’ Weaver will be joining as our permanent fifth for the TSM CS:GO squad! We had already been in talks with him

  • 08-17-16

    Our CS:GO roster has been rapidly improving over the course of the past several months, slowly creeping into the spotlight of the community and other organizations. As a result of this attention, Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta has received an offer from Cloud9, and has chosen to accept it, with the deal closing just last night.

  • 08-08-16

    Initially when we discovered the Overwatch squad, Code 7, we thought we had found the right fit for our brand. We had wanted to get into Overwatch early on and thought this was a great opportunity.

  • 07-22-16

    Overwatch, one of the fastest growing competitive games, is generating impressive viewership for its tournaments and growing a solid player base in just two months after its launch. With enthusiastic

  • 07-13-16

    As most of you know, Leffen has been struggling with his visa application to the US for most of the past year. After a very long struggle, his visa application has finally been processed, with the next step being a screening by a US embassy. Leffen has already completed this screening, and we are waiting for their response which would allow him to be free to attend every tournament after that.

  • 07-11-16

    A bit past the start of the Call of Duty World League, we signed our very first CoD team. It was a decision that we were looking forward to, and it is with great disappointment that we announce that both we and the team are going our separate ways.

  • 07-01-16

    As some may have already noticed, Nick “CullTheMeek” Verolla and Mico ‘MICSHE’ Dedicatoria are no longer a part of the TSM VainGlory team. While the team has managed to win the NA Winter finals, recent results during the spring have been less than desirable.

  • 06-06-16

    As many of you have heard, twistzz will not be able to compete in ELEAGUE due to their age restriction. We will be using Casper “cadiaN” Moller as our 5th for ELEAGUE.

  • 05-30-16

    During the 2016 Spring Split, we brought on Weldon Green during a few weeks to do workshops with our League of Legends roster and assist them in achieving their potential.

  • 05-18-16

    During our three week bootcamp in Korea, a lot of talented candidates have participated in the tryouts for the support position on our starting League of Legends roster. These tryouts have ended, and we would like to thank all the candidates for their time and efforts.

  • 05-17-16

    We are announcing that we are accepting applications for teams and players to represent TSM in Overwatch in the 2016 year.

  • 05-12-16

    As part of their preparation for upcoming online and international tournaments, Team SoloMid’s CS:GO team has relocated to the San Francisco Bay area.Taking advantage of a dedicated practice facility inside of the Logitech office, the team will prepare and play matches from a private LAN setup with their Logitech G gear.

  • 05-11-16

    We are announcing the departure of Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim from the TSM organization.

  • 05-03-16

    After an extremely long process to secure a visa for Leffen, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have secured him entry to the United States to compete in upcoming Smash tournaments.

  • 05-01-16

    We would like to announce that Vincent ‘Biofrost’ Wang has passed the first phase of our support tryout. We found that he was the best North American candidate to move forward with, and he will be flying with the team to compete for the position alongside other candidates in Korea.

  • 04-29-16

    Team Solomid is seeking a live-in team manager for our CS:GO roster. The primary objective of the job is to ensure that the players have their out-of-game concerns addressed so that they may focus on their practice and play at the highest level.

  • 04-21-16

    After the Spring Split playoffs, our support Bora ‘YellOwStaR’ Kim has expressed a desire to return to Europe for the remainder of the season.

  • 03-30-16

    We are pleased to announce that Andrew ‘Ivy’ Ivers has been officially signed as a starting member of our Call of Duty squad.