Introducing TSM Trump!

July 8th, 2014 – We are proud to announce Trump as our newest Hearthstone player!


Trump has been a dominant force in Hearthstone since beta. He’s a widely-popular player, with almost 250,000 followers on Twitch and 250,000 subscribers on Youtube. On stream, he’s entertaining and he educates viewers on his plays and the strategies behind them. He’s no stranger to flying out and competing in live tournaments such as BlizzCon, Korea’s OGN, and Germany’s Fight Night & SeatStory.


“I am impressed by what Trump has achieved so far on his own. Adding him to our team is huge for us and willl help us expand our brand further in Hearthstone. I am excited about this partnership and I am confident it will be beneficial to everyone.” – Andy “Reginald” Dinh


“As the mayor of Value Town, I make sure that the value gets spread around.  I’m very happy to have found that value in TSM, an awesome team which is stepping into my favorite game! It’s great to join my homeboy MaSsan who I’ve had the pleasure of visiting in Korea.  Team Solo MaSsan no longer, I look forward to the other talent that will be joining as well.” – Jeffrey “Trump” Shih


Hearthstone has been growing at an astounding rate since last year and is currently the 3rd most popular game on Twitch. The competitive scene is flourishing thanks to the large amount of tournaments available. The last BlizzCon Hearthstone Innkeeper Invitational reached 100,000 viewers for the finals.


TSM’s goal is to have a strong presence in eSports, be it LoL, Smite or Hearthstone. Trump’s popularity and experience are important for us to continue to expand in the Hearthstone scene.


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